Ignite Your True Gifts And Manifest Your Soul Mission With Transcendence

Unveil the hidden archetypes and the higher plan for your life 


"My Sphinx Code articulated ideas, thoughts and feelings I’ve had but have been unable to express. Going through it was like a deep meditation that unravelled my subconscious in a very powerful way. Each time I’ve watched it, I’ve had new insights. It’s a gift of a tool that i’ll be dipping into as the magic of life continues to unfold." - Sophie A.

Reveal All The Relationship And Career Archetypes Of Your Sphinx Code

Welcome to the next step of the journey...

In the Transcendence Course we continue onwards with a deep dive into all 16 archetypes of your Sphinx Code Blueprint.

You will learn how all of your archetypes connect together, creating unique psycho-emotional patterns from childhood.

You'll discover how your archetypes shape your deepest thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and where these manifest in your life.

We will explore how these can be aligned to heal negative patterns, manifest your soul mission and true fulfiment. 

You will also reveal your intimate archetypes, and understand how these impact your relationships as well as your inner life. 

We will finally explore the best ways to channel your unique energy to be the most aligned in love and in work.

By the end of the course you'll have everything you need to continue your journey towards living your soul's blueprint and inner truth.

"The Sphinx Code is an amazingly deep system that allows me to clearly understand my inner workings and see the different negative patterns I exhibit in all areas of my life. More importantly it's given me precise tools to get out of those patterns and express my deep nature and positive aspects." - Jade D.

Get Incredible Insight On Your Relationships, Life Path and Soul Purpose

In this 8-part course, You Will Discover

Your Intimate Dynamics and Relationship Patterns

Discover your intimate archetypes + how these impact your relationships

Your Ego Triggers And How To Transform Them  

Reveal how your ego blocks your true essence + how to realign to your inner truth

Your Family Dynamic and Karmic Inheritance

Learn your parent's archetypal influence on your life as well as your family lineage

Your Unique Energy Type and Optimal Strategy

Understand your unique energy type + how to channel your energy for optimal effect

Your Soul Archetypes For Manifesting Your Highest Self

Discover the archetypes that heal past wounds + transform you into your highest soul aspect

Your Soul Mission and How To Activate It

Learn your soul mission + how you're here to be of service to the collective

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What You'll Get In Transcendence

  • Instant access to your full Sphinx Code: all 16 archetypes covering relationships and work (4+ hours of unique video)
  • Enrolment in the 8-part Transcendence journey guiding you through your Sphinx Code to explain the depths of your blueprint (8 x 15-30 minute videos)
  • Your own beautifully-designed Sphinx Code report, a 100+ page Archetype Primer to read your code in full
  • A Sphinx Code Insights Workbook to explore your code and reveal the deeper insights of your archetypes 
  • A unique audio course on your personal Human Design Type and Profile to discover how your energetics align with your Sphinx Code (2+ hours)
  • Lifetime Access to the Entire Program and all Bonuses 
  • Desktop Version and Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to learn on the go 
  • Access to the Transcendence Community to connect with like-minded souls, and share your insights
  • An exclusive invitation to become a certified Sphinx Code Wisdom Keeper
  • Access to Wisdom Keepers for additional 1-1 personal and relationship readings

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More Success Stories

Victoria C.

"I feel it’s given me a level of information about myself that no other tools have. Most importantly it provided me actionable ways in which to change my life instantly."

Greg K.

"It allowed me to see the blockages in my subconscious that were holding me back from aligning to the highest version of myself and then transform them to align with my true purpose."

Marta R.

"The Sphinx Code showed me some shadow patterns that really helped me change for the better."

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